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Udi Segal



•Udi Segal is the founder of SUMAYOKO -  Content & production company, with a wide international production experience in TV, film, and the New Media. 

•Previously, Founder and CEO of “Lollypop Productions”- a subsidiary of Disney Channel in Israel.

•Founder and Managing Director of "SIMLAB" - a Multiplayer war games laboratory, practicing Government policies, Diplomacy, national Security and International relations (at Yuval Ne'eman Workshop, Tel Aviv University).

•Mr. Segal produced some of the most successful TV shows in Israel and has 25 years of experience in content & productions.

Hi! we are Sumayoko

Was founded in 2009 by Mr. Udi Segal, a leading producer in the Israeli Television industry.

Sumayoko specializes in original content which is chosen carefully by a professional creative team. Sumayoko also specializes in all media aspects and produce content for TV, film, and the New Media.

Sumayoko - A boutique independent content & production company,

with a wide international production experience.  



Amit Gitelzon


Produced many successful drama TV shows, and worked as a Line producer and Head of Productions before joining SUMAYOKO.

Shlomit Arviv

Head of content &

Chief executive producer

Shlomit Arviv has more than 15 years of experience in TV Dramas and Documentaries. Served as a showrunner on many Israeli TV series prior to joining Sumayoko.


Orit parizer

Head of media department 

& office manager

Graduated from College of management of Communication and management.

Specializing in Marketing, public relations and sales management

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