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Cafe Amalia

In Cafe Amalia, there’s things you won’t find in any other cafe…


The Luzatto’s, a family of muppets, are the owners of Cafe Amalia, a little neighborhood coffee shop. Mum, Sophia, is the accomplished patissiere of the cafe, who manages to always give customers what they really need (and not necessarily what they order….)

Grandpa Giovanni is Sofia's dad, who mostly watches football on TV and misses Italy (and Italian football) terribly. Yoni is the teenage son of the family, who prefers to be called Johnny, and gives everyone a headache jamming on his electric guitar. 

And of course there’s Amalia, aged 8, the daughter of the family and the heart & soul of the cafe, who helps her mum Sofia and makes friends with everyone who passes by. Each episode hosts a wide range of colorful characters who enter the cafe, each one brining their own funny and fascinating story.

"Cafe Amalia" is a TV series for 4-7 year olds. The first season of the series has 20 episodes of 15 minutes duration. The series combines actors and muppets and several episodes feature songs.


Kids love “Cafe Amalia” because it's hilarious. Every guest brings their own story and they’re very diverse and always lots of fun. This element of surprise is significant for viewers as they’re curious to discover who this episode’s guest will be- and this is compounded by our choice to work with a small regular cast of highly versatile & talented actors who play all of the different characters. As Jonny and Amalia are of the same age as the target audience, the problems and dilemmas in their family, at school and in life in general, are easy for viewers to identify with.


Cafe Amalia seamlessly incorporates muppets and humans, thus creating a world which is both realistic but also full of fantasy, packed with possibilities and always surprising!

Runtime: 20 eps X 2 seasons

Produced for kankids  Television

Year : 2020-2021

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