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Hassidistock is a unique musical journey in the footsteps of the heroes of contemporary Jewish music. It combines exclusive and popular culture, innovative music and ancient melodies, born-and-bred observant Hassidic Jews and repenters alike, cherished celebrities of the sector and those who rebel against it. The series will expose the Israelis who are not familiar with this culture to a rich tapestry of sounds. The journey will attempt to explain the status of music in Orthodox society; to outline the creative, economic and social processes at work around it; the making of Kosher music in a world of prohibitions; the role of Hassidic music and the audiences it targets; the place of women in this musical scene; how hits and stars are born and what fate awaits the stars who fail to abide by the rules and norms. From Jerusalem to New York and back, the marriage of ancient Jewish texts and 21st century has never been so compelling.

Runtime: 6 eps X 1season 

Produces for : 'kan'

year : 2018

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