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On the Spectrum follows three 20-something roommates, all on the autism spectrum, as they navigate the day-to-day concerns of work, friendship, and romance.

The three share a sheltered apartment where they learn to cope with the larger world around them.

On the Spectrum allows glimpses into the intricate lives of young autistic adults and offers their unique view and interpretation of day-to-day life.

“On the Spectrum” was created by writer Dana Idisis and director Yuval Shafferman.


Winner of the grand prize of the prestigious Series Mania festival in France. The show also won the best Drama Series and two more prizes at the Monte Carlo festival and nine awards, including best Drama Series at the Israeli Television Academy Awards.

A US version of the pilot for Amazon is currently being produced.

Runtime: 10 eps X 1 season

Produced for yes israel

Year 2018

פוסטר על הספקטרום
scenes 608, 612 (67)
scenes 608, 612 (31)
naomi (41)
groupshot (9)
scene 508 (26)
groupshot (29)
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