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he plantons are colorful creatures and experts in poetry and rhyme.

They share a tiny planet called Planton.

With their music, the plantons cause the sun to shine, the plants to bloom, the rain to drip, and the clouds to float. The whole planet joins the musical celebration and accompanies their singing with the whistling of the wind, the strings of grass, the sound of waves and the buzz of insects.

Although their planet is tiny, it has just enough space for the desert -sand castle, the ocean-puddle, the volcanic -mound and the jungle -garden.

The plantons are all good friends, but each has its own unique voice and character that cause a lot of fights. When the plantons fight- the songs go wrong, and then the whole planet  loses its balance and turns into a huge mess.

Only when the plantons really listen to each other and find a way to synchronize their special sounds, balance and harmony return to Planton.

Runtime: 53 eps X 1 seasons

Produced for the Israeli Education Television

Year : 2018

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